Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Pictures of the Green

I've been out for quite some time now. But after a few injuries and a new collar bone, I'm back. So here are the best pictures from my trip on the Green this last weekend. So, I've decided, because I'm not very eloquent with my writing, that I'm primarily going to post pictures with the names of the subjects and the rapids (for those with names). So here's last weekend.

John Grace - Frankenstein

Kevin Kuuskvere - Boof or Consequence

Jon Crain - Gorilla

Kevin Kuuskvere - Groove Tube

Chris Gragtmans - Sunshine

Billy Murphy - Sunshine

Well that's all for now. The next time that I'm out paddling I'll try to get some more killer pictures up here. Hopefully we'll have some rain so that I don't have to get even more creative with my angles of the Green. See you next time.