Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Day On The Green

Today I showed my friend Patrick down the Green. It was good lines for all. The great sun at the putin along with my super wide-angle lens gave me this shot,

I think it's kind of fun. After showing Patrick all of the important lines above Gorilla we got out, and I decided to take a few more pictures. For everyone who hasn't run Gorilla, here is a glimpse of what it looks like as you go off.

And, next as you paddle into the Scream Machine.

I don't know the name of this girl, but she's out on the Green, and having good lines from what I could see, so congrats, and keep having fun out there. I got a few more shots in at Nice's-Pieces before a thunderstorms started. Here are shots of an unknown paddler running the right line and Patrick running the standard line.

Patrick, so smooth.

The lightning and rain came in and made me put my camera away. So, until my next adventure, so long.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Since December Here's What I've been up to.

Welcome everyone, I figured that starting a blog might not be a bad idea. That way I can let all of you folks in on what I've been getting myself into. So, heres a round up of the spring real quick.
There were a couple of notable runs on the Horsepasture and the Raven's Fork that happened back in the early spring. The Horsepasture was a beautiful day. Here's a shot of Brad Kee in Highway to Heaven.

Then I was off to the Raven's Fork. The first of my two runs this spring was with Shane Groves, and Adam Secrest.

Here's Adam at Anaconda. Next is a picture of Shane at Headless Horseman.

The next run I did on the Raven's was a more interesting day for me because I decided to run Big Boy this time. I personally don't have any pictures of my run. But, because I ran it and with a good line I was able to take this picture of Chris Gragtmans having a beautiful line.

And, I happened to get another great picture of Chris as he paddled through Caveman, with Daniel Windham over his right shoulder just behind him.

Over spring break, I was off to Seattle to visit Dave Rugh and Andrew Oberhart both great friends and paddlers. But, we weren't about paddling on this trip. This time it was backcountry skiing, at which I am completely mediocre. So they kicked my butt, but they made it look easy. Here's Dave making it look easy.

The light this day was a bit odd because of considerable cloud cover. A great example of this is this shot of Andrew lost in a sea of white.

I'd swear it was the desert. I'll finish up this post with two pictures of me, one on my bike at the Supafly Downhill Race in Blacksburg, VA (an event of epic proportions), and the other taken just below gorilla on the Green.

Mountain Biking photo by Jeff Gardner, check out his site

And, who knows what's next? I certainly don't.