Sunday, June 1, 2008

Harbison Head Cam

This week, along with being hurt, I've been preparing for having to teach Business Calculus during the first summer session down here in Columbia. So, I decided to sneak out for a quick mountain bike ride at my local area, Harbison State Forrest, and I decided to attempt some head cam style pictures. So, I strapped on my camera with the super wide angle lens and went out to try for some fun pictures. I like this one of my bike.

Having to use my right hand to operate the camera led to some fun but not crazy pictures. I find it super hard to ride off big drops with just one hand on the bars (which would probably land me back in the hospital). So, I decided to just ride fast on easier trails and try to get some interesting pictures out of it. I like this one because you can see my shadow still in the frame but everything else is moving.

Trying to make a burm ride smooth with just one hand led to some interesting balancing techniques. In other words, I'm lucky to not be still in the dirt after trying to take this picture. But, the rotation in the shot is great.

Right after the burm was this silly bridge, but it gave great opportunity for a fun contrasty picture with more than just trees and plants flying by, so I took it.

After the ride I sat down for a break and got this shot of me with my bike and car before heading back for home.

So, hopefully it will rain again in the southeast so we can see some more kayaking pictures. But, until then, riding is fun and hopefully no longer painful. I hope the pictures are as fun to look at as they were to take.

Next weekend is when the doctors tell me that I'm allowed back in contact sports. So, that means back out running the interesting lines on the Green, and hopefully with rain, all of the other runs in the southeast. But, until then if you need me I'll be teaching freshman calculus (however ridiculous that may seem).

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