Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meadow Run and The Lower Yough

After two trips to the hospital and a good deal of abdominal pain over the last two months, I finally got back in my boat. It's remarkable how taking time off paddling makes you just want to paddle more. Anyways, I went to the Maryland and Pennsylvania to paddle the Upper and Lower Yough. We ended up getting far more rain than anticipated so 2 rivers over 3 days turned in to 4 rivers over 3 days.

We ended up paddling the Top Yough, the Loop 3 times, the Upper Yough, Meadow Run, and finally all of the lower. It was myself and my friends Jon, Michelle, and Catherine, although Michelle and Catherine only paddled the loop and the lower. So now on to pictures. Here is a shot of Jon making sure that he is fully ready to put on to the Upper.

We paddled the Upper at a level of 2.5ft. at the bridge, and it took us just under 2 hours. So, the speed accompanied with the rain, I decided not to shoot on the Upper. Similarly, rain kept me from shooting the Top. But, thanks to Michelle (who happens to be a pro triathlete, check out her website www.michellelindsay.com) we got some great pictures of Meadow Run which is the creek that comes into the Lower Yough on the river left just after the putin.

Here's Jon having a good line on the first drop named "The Cascades".

The drop continues down, and Michelle got this picture of Catherine taking a picture of Jon.

Next I was up so here is a shot of me on the Cascades.

As you may be able to see Jon was paddling a Dagger Outburst (broken to boot, but the duct tape weld seems to be holding). With the broken outburst, he decided not to paddle the final slide which turned out to be tricker than I thought. But, luckily it worked out fine. So here I am.

Just behind me a spectator decided to swim the slide with no lifejacket or helmet.

Now this is fairly standard at 1/10th the flow, but this guy decided to give it a try. I wasn't too happy about it because if he had hit his head, then we would have been doing CPR, and that's always a drag.

We finished the weekend paddling the Lower, and here is Jon making the ferry at Cucumber. I like the picture simply for the explosiveness of the water.

As for me, it seems that I'm back even though the muscle work from paddling landed me in the hospital just 3 weeks ago. So, hopefully we'll see more good pictures.

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