Monday, July 21, 2008

Mountain Biking at Snowshoe

So, this weekend was a ball, but it was not without injury. I went so Snowshoe to ride the their bikes and the lifts back up the hill for the amazing fun. It's a bit expensive, especially if you get hurt, but entirely worth it. Let's look at the pictures, and I'll let you decide if the riding is worth it.

On my way to Snowshoe I saw this sight, and I thought it extraordinary. Really, how often do you see a limo made out of a Rolls Royce. Here it is, I hope you enjoy the picture.

I made it to Snowshoe after taking this picture and a little more driving. Myself and my two friends Chris Fehn and Mike Pfund had some great riding. All of the great stunts are located on the conventional side of the mountain for skiing. Here is Mike riding a ladder bridge.

After this trail we went after a few larger stunts. Hurting the bike is not an issue with riding these ladder bridges and drops because that is the deal with rental bikes, beat them to death and give them back. So, with that in thought Chris decided to hit this 20 foot gap.

After Chris finished with the super big 20 foot gap on the stunt side of the mountain, he decided to move on to road gaps. This road gap I speak of was near Cupp Run on the other side of the mountain. And of course in the process I decided to get hurt and just take pictures instead of riding. Here is a shot of it with an unknown biker from Alabama smoothing it.

And, here is are the picures of Chris having good lines off the road gap. Here is a wide angle of Chris just after the takeoff for the drop.

And the following, Chris mid air from down the hill.

I was really suprised and excited to watch both Mike and Chris fire up some huge riding.

As for me, I'm out of commission for a little while. But, I can promise some great shots from next week's LVM Giant Slalom. I'll try to cover the event with some killer pictures. So, this time you know what's next for me. But, after that who can tell.

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