Sunday, May 18, 2008

Great Falls on the Potomac

So I'm trying my best to keep up weekly updates with interesting photos. I'm fairly sure that I can't keep this pace up without having thousands of spectacular photos already taken, but I'm going to try. This week we venture to Great Falls on the Potomac River to see some past phtots that I've taken (mainly because I'm out for a little while from a bike crash). So, on to the pictures.

If it's high water and the middle of the winter, you might be looking down the center lines.

This sight is almost completely terrifying because unless there is another person in a boat just behind you, you are entirely on your own. Personally, I don't particularly enjoy that feeling. It's always nice to have friends near by if you happen to crash.

On the occaision that you do have friends with you and you are careful, your crew could end up happy at the bottom.

Now, let's look at some specific rapids. We've now seen the center lines from both the top and the bottom. Here is Dave Moffatt in the middle on Grace Under Pressure having as good a line as I've seen.

Further down the center lines you encounter the streamers, and here is Van Nall taking care of business in a Dancer at the streamers.

When it comes to the other lines, there are several other options. There's the fish ladders, which I conveniently have no pictures of. There is the Maryland side, the first drop of which is called Pummel. Jason Beaks, the fastest paddler I know makes Pummel look good during last years Great Falls Race. Do note that the Great Falls Race a part of the Potomac Fest, is one of the most fun events that I attend each year. Anyways, here is Jason.

The last option assuming that you are padding at normal flows (there are a few other options for lines a super high water, but don't start looking for them until you've run the normal lines a few times) is the Virginia Side. The last drop on the Virgina Side is called the Spout. Van Nall, me, and Michael Stratton decided that it might be a good idea to run this drop far above regular runnable levels. Well, we had some crashes, but we had enough friends around to make sure all was safe. Anyways, here is Van running the Spout at higher water than you might want to try running it.

Finally I'll end with a shot of me at super high water (about 4.5 for all those out there that might care). I'm running a drop left of the Maryland side, and it's shallow at the bottom (I found out the hard way). Here I am anyway, I think I look stylish. But, then again who am I to say how I look on the water. All I can do is hope that I look good, which I've heard happens occaisionally (I do crash too, don't worry).

I guess that's all for now. Hopefully I'll heal up soon so I can get back out there on the water, and take some more good pictures.

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Harris said...

Fun pics, Rob. Speedy recovery bud!, Harris