Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Chattooga

So, before I begin with this post, I feel it necessary to explain my motives with my blog. I really just want to take as good pictures as possible while living my normal (if normal suffices here) life and describe those to you. Note that I'm not trying to be some superman in a kayak, just someone who can kayak well and takes pictures that are fun to look at. So, here is a good day on the Chattooga that I had with some friends.

I went to the Chattooga with some of my friends from USC (where I'm currently a graduate student studying math . I know, a bit of an ugh for most people, but it's what I do well other than kayaking). So, here is our day.

I went with Brandon, Bo, Don, Kelly, Kevin, and Matt, and here are some pictures I took. Here is Brandon after a spectactular run of Corkscrew getting out of his boat.

It was a good day because Brandon managed to plug every drop and still was fine. Next are three more photos of Corkscrew, the first is Don making the rapid look much smother than it actually is, which is the same with Kevin in the second photo, and Bo, well Bo seems to be a camera hog. But, I will let you decide for your self.

Don, having a great line through the Corkscrew.

And, Kevin making sure that hand paddles work just as well as regular paddles.

Finally, here is Bo with a little too much attention, but with such a good line who can argue. Next, I got out of my boat to scout Jawbone, with Kelly who was running the river for the first time, and I happened to take this picture of Matt.

Here's Matt, making it look like there's a 15 foot drop on the Chattooga. Perfect form, and good lines. Finally we arrived at Soc-Em-Dog, where I was excited to get this great Black and White photo of Bo with a line that ended him upright and in the eddy at the bottom.

I was also excited to get this shot of Kelly, who I was scouting with all day and hardly had time to photograph. But, here she is making it through Soc-Em-Dog, and making it look good.

Finally, when we got to the take-out (and on such a good day), I though that I would take a picture of the scenery (with the widest-angle lens that I have available), and here is what I got.

So, who knows where I will end up next, maybe mountain biking, and probably padding (hopefully we'll see a post on the Middle Kings by the end of the summer, but no promices). I hope everyone out there is having as much fun on the water as I am. See you out there hopefully.

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Anonymous said...

whoah, Rob Tompkins, nice blog. I've got one as well, I uploaded the video medium on my blog...check it. I think I gave Bo a little too much attention, though